The ASC Z80 Committee includes several subcommittees dedicated to specific products and processes. Each subcommittee develops and maintains standards within its scope. Every draft standard is balloted by all Z80 members. Please contact the respective chairs of each subcommittee for more information. There are 7 subcommittees under the ASC Z80 Committee.

SC1 Prescription Spectacle Lenses

Richard Whitney
[email protected]

SC2 Nonprescription Sunglasses and Fashion Eyewear
Dr. Karl Citek, OD, PhD
[email protected]

SC3 Spectacle Frames
Lauren Bianchi
[email protected]

SC4 Medical Ophthalmic Devices
Dr. Raj Suryakumar
[email protected]

SC6 Instruments & Low Vision Devices
Charles E. Campbell
[email protected]

SC7 Contact Lenses
Dr. Ralph Stone
[email protected]

SC8 Information Interchange
Please contact the Secretariat, Michael Vitale at [email protected]