The ASC Z80 Steering Committee members include the Z80 Committee Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Secretariat, Subcommittee Chairs and the U.S. Sub TAG Leader to ISO TC172/SC7.

Dr. Carl Tubbs-Chair
American Academy of Ophthalmology

Nick Mileti-Vice Chair
Luxottica/National Association of Optometrists and Opticians

Dr. Karl Citek-Secretary - SC2 Chair
American Optometric Association

Michael Vitale-Secretariat
The Vision Council

Richard Whitney - SC1 Chair
Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc.

Lauren Bianchi - SC3 Chair
Marchon Eyewear Inc.

Dr. Raj Suryakumar - SC4 Chair
Alcon Research Ltd.

Charles E. Campbell - SC6 Chair

Dr. Ralph Stone - SC7 Chair
R.P. Stone Consulting

Michael Vitale
U.S. ISO TC 172/SC7

Rick Van Arnam - Legal Counsel
Barnes Richardson & Colburn